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  • Vielleicht ist es so,
    dass wir nur einmal
    in unserem Leben
    richtig glücklich sind.
    Nur einmal.
    Und dann werden
    wir bestraft.
    Die Bestrafung ist,
    dass wir immer an
    diesen einen Moment
    denken müssen.
    Ich denke, man sollte
    sich im richtigen
    Moment verabschieden.
    Und zwar genau dann,
    wenn man am
    glücklichsten ist.
    Genau dann.
    Am höchsten Punkt.

    newtalby replied to your post “hello friends i’m very sorry for not posting at the moment but i’m…”

    GOOD LUCK!!!! <3

    thank you!!!!! ♥♥

    hello friends i’m very sorry for not posting at the moment but i’m currently moving to berlin and i’m really busy right now but i will start posting again as soon as possible so in the meantime you can enjoy this classy picture of a pug

    newtalby replied to your photo


    THANK YOU <3

    i hereby proudly present you the keys to my first own apartment

    i was tagged by  

    Rules: answer the questions below and tag 10 people.

    Name: i don’t like my name and i refuse to use it when i don’t have to

    Nickname(s): sou

    Birthday: july 21st

    Gender: female

    Sexuality: ?????????? 

    Height: 1,54 m

    Timezone: UTC + 1:00

    Date and time: 9.09. -  23.11

    Average hours of sleep: depends, maybe something between six or nine

    OTPs: my favorite characters x being alive

    Last thing I googled: scallison

    My most used phrase: oh man

    First word that comes to mind: apartment

    Last thing I said to a family member: du bist keine reibeisenstimme (idk how to translate this)

    One place that makes me happy and why: imourane, it’s basically heaven on earth

    How many blankets I sleep under: one

    Last movie I watched in theaters: 22 jump street

    Favourite beverage: uuuhmm… idk?? 

    Three things I can’t live without: music, making art (never thought i’d ever say that) and my family

    Something I plan on learning: drawing

    A piece of advice for my followers: have fun, don’t take things too serious

    tag 10 people: i am sorry but i’m horribly lazy so i won’t do it but if you see this on your dash feel free to do this and say that i tagged you

    newtalby replied to your post “newtalby replied to your post:newtalby replied to your photo AWWWWWW…”

    ur cat’s name is ferdinand im going to cry :))))))))) TOO CUTE

    i know right??? i didn’t choose the name though because i adopted him from an animal shelter and they gave him his name but i kept it because it’s soooo cuuuute!!!!

    oih my god are you serious this is the cutest thing I LOVE THAT BEBE ALREADY

    his name is ferdinand and he’s the biggest cry baby ever and an idiot and I LOVE HIM TOO 

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